Easter is right around the corner and decorating has never been easier with this DIY easy, paper bunny garland! With only a few supplies you will have this cute cotton tail bunny decor.


pastel card stock

bunny template

white yarn



hot glue gun

twine or string for hanging

hole punch



Print and cut out bunny template. Trace your bunnies on your card stock paper. Cut them out. Punch one hole in each ear. Set aside.

Using the yarn and fork, wrap yarn around fork about 50-60 times. Cut. Cut a small piece of yarn and loop around wrapped yarn and tie a knot. Trim. Pull off of the fork and snip each side of yarn, being careful not to cut the middle string holding the yarn bundle together. Repeat on the other side.

Tip: Pinch middle of bundle while cutting.

Hot glue yarn tails to each bunny. String with twine and there you have it!! So easy, it’s hard to believe…

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